Is Maya illusion?

Maya exists.

Whoever says maya is illusion, I feel like slaughtering those stupids, that repeat mantras mindlessly.

You equate non-existence with Maya, which is wrong.

The moment you cognize, you experience the world. You also experience the experiencer. This coming into being is due to the evolutionary-learning-process of human beings. No one is beyond this, rich and poor; intelligent and the dumb.

One can *break* this learning process, this is what Indian traditions do. The moment one breaks this process, the cognition doesn't enter the picture, unless on demand. Then you will function like a tape recorder. It records all garbage, it doesn't tell you whether it is music or its the word of your lover. Of course, if you want to go to Chennai, you gotta know things, you gotta remember. Call them functional knowledge. One needs that knowledge to survive. Thats all!

Maya is a learning process. Just reading a Shankara, discussing Advaita endlessly doesn't make you enlightened. You gotta break that learning process.. mere philosophizing is useless.

The first step is to keep the baggage minimal. If one gives up everything, one is close to that. Hardly do we give up. We are always about the future. We remember the experiences that caused pain and the ones that caused pleasure. We strive to avoid the former set, reproduce the latter.

In order to survive in the world, you dont need many things. Think about your pullampet citizens. They can live on millets. you can live on millets too, but you don't. You want to maintain some status quo, mimick someone else's status quo. "My sone wants to be an engineer", "I need to build a big house". Thats why you cant satisfy any of the human beings, no matter what you do, except for basic subsistence.

You assume that once you help someone, the latter will help others. That is wrong, because the guy is trying to help himself to maintain/mimick (others) status quo.


There is one thing you gotta remember. When we see others, we see the way we see our faces in plain mirror, but not in concave mirror.

The former experience is seen as, as you say it, constant. More real than others.

This 'we' is some set of people, because all people in this group borrow some knowledge, info, beliefs from the same stock i.e biological. In the sense that our way of seeing the way in plain mirror is evolutionary.

Beauty is a relational property, as any experience is!

Blog Trivia

Why this blog?

I do not *expect* anyone to read this blog. I have nothing to give to this world. I don't produce knowledge. Only a few in society produce knowledge, the rest thrive on it. I belong to the latter group.

Anyone that happens to read this, are warmly welcome. This blog is covered by UG Krishnamurthy license: "You are free to reproduce, distribute, interpret, misinterpret, distort, garble, do what you like, even claim authorship, without my consent or the permission of anybody"

Why writing? Writing is a process which clarifies thought. Writing is a learning process. Its a way of teaching yourself what you already know.

This is not a 'Telugu-only' blog. Neither is it English only. I am not well versed with either of these to write intelligibly.

Is this blog original? It is not. There is nothing wrong in being unoriginal when one hasn't evolved to the state of being completely original.

Change is the only constant thing. People evolve, thoughts evolve. I can't stand by what I said a week ago. Do not expect me to.

"This is load of crap! this guy is clueless" -- Yes. You have a choice. Ignore this blog. Never visit again. Wouldn't make any difference. Neither to you, nor to me.

పసిడి గల్గు వాని బానిస కొడుకులు...

"కులము గలుగు వాడు గోత్రంబు గలవాఁడు
విద్య చేత విర్ర వీగువాఁడు
పసిడి గలుగు వాని బానిస కొడుకులు
విశ్వరాభిరామ వినుర వేమ"

Be Polite

And he put his arm around my shoulders and we went for a little walk and he said, Randy, it's such a shame that people perceive you as so arrogant. Because it's going to limit what you're going to be able to accomplish in life. What a hell of a way to word "you're being a jerk."
Even if you're not a lawyer (or especially if you're not a lawyer) the lesson here is pretty clear: it doesn't matter who's "right". What matters is that giving people the benefit of the doubt and treating them with respect is not only more fun, it works better too.