Learning and Unlearning

Building RAC without knowing the innards of clusters is useless. Thst is what hyderabadi training centers do. Thats what Oracle training does; like the way we learn economics in highschool.

The growth of human knowledge has been explained by the activity of problem solving. Software is also there to solve some problems. Without knowing these set of problems, just learning installing is useless. For instance, teh so-called IP-addressing came into picture to solve a set of problems before that everything was done at mac-level (or layer-2).


The less talk, the better. Why do people should talk in the first place, except for survival in the sense of subsistence, they shouldn't talk at all; but people derive pleasure by doing so. When relatives gather, they either talk about their achievements (embellish their personalities), or criticize others (attacking other personalities)

There is a slice of the world that is being refered to maya. It is learning process, human learning process. This brings the duality; duality of the experiencer and the experienced. The experienced is the slice of the world, which we don't directly *see*. The experienced has the counterpart, experiencer. The experiencer springs into being whenever one experiences the world.

Reading things doesn't help. That is, Indian traditions are not philosophies. What Indian traditions try to do: break that damn learning process. The very act of breaking that learniong process is called Nidhidhyasa, contemplation - as it is called. But forget the name, important is what it refers to. People philosophize on contemplation "Mr.X said", "Mr.Y said" so on so forth, which is uselsee.

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