Self Sufficiency

Education is worthless. It just produces labor for Industry and makes you less self-sufficient. Thats what all degrees do. Imagine there is banking industry, imagine there is no consumption, all MBAs become worthless. Whole Capitalism collapses, which then doesn't need education.

I am amazed at the rampant production of all graduates in India. All of them end up being worthless: no sign of self sufficiency. As soon as you are finished with your 10th grade or 12th, you move to hyderabad. What makes you move to hyderabad? The so called education. Everybody wants to taste the fruits of urbanization, and hence are not self sufficient.

Middle class Americans are dirt poor. They can't pull life for a month, once they loose a job. They swallowed a pipe dream: America is a place of opportunity, and cite google founders etc., Our average Indian bloke too swallows a pipe dream: Once they moved to a city, their kids can get into IITs, become doctors, IAS etc., They read stories in the papers - A son of a labor in hyderabad gets into IIT etc.,

And the villages, they drill 500 feet to get water, for fricking paddy... not for eating, but to sell! Commercial crops- so that they can send their kids to Narayana coaching center, IIT Ramaiah's center etc.,

Capitalism is 50 years old. Socialism is failing, so is capitalism. The traditional informal insurance (in terms of joint families) is broken as well.

Ancient Indians didn't know any of these -isms. They did not have capitalism. What they had was a primitive bartering. The kings knew about the enlightenment. They setup things in such a way that people can do whatever they want. Today, everyone want to study. Earn fame and money - This is instilled in every Indian today.

People should focus on being self sufficient. Millets and other grains are crucial. Humans like 1000 years ago subsited on Korra, raaji, variga etc., If you go to Africa, they still eat them.

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