Random Nonsense

I am a fireball. I consume *myself* and produce fire.
I am older than 'birth' itself. From time immemorial I existed and through the eternities to come, I will.
The fire that burns me and the play of fireworks, are eternal.

Do you buy the above story? If I were you, I wouldn't.
Why bother about eternity dude, Its raining outside and the earth's aroma is enigmatic.

So there! I am just another inconsequential being; just like that raindrop that kissed the earth and vanished!


Damned be him that says enlightenment is not easy! Damned be him that says 'you can't unlearn Maaya'. Take my word to it - It is ridiculously easy. One gets ample opportunities to 'realize' it, 'attain' it in one's life. You get a lot of opportunities too, the problem is that you don't pay attention. I did, and here is the truth -

I am that!

I am the screw-er, the screwed and the very act of screwing.

I am That!!

NOW, am I not enlightened?