My five year old cousin took James Cameron's Avatar rather seriously. He goes to the balcony every now and then, looks at the sky and shouts "kooo...hooo...hooo..", waving both hands as if he is mocking at some imaginary creature, and patiently waits for the yellow dragon (don't know what they call it in the movie) to come!

Failure of his repeated attempts at pleasing the Yellow Dragon doesn't seem to have dampened his spirits. He tries again and again experimenting with different ways of shouting, "troooo...hoooo", "yeee..haaaaa" etc., That was funny!

Btw, I watched Avatar in Telugu. Watching Pandora people talk Srikakulam Telugu (ఈ ఆడకూతుర్ని నువ్వే కాపాడాలి తల్లా..) was like eating ice cream and aavakaya simultaneously!

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