But to see the market as stagnating you have to overlook the 800 pound gorilla running around the room throwing things all over the place. Twitter. We’re using it every day. If you follow more than a few dozen people you miss tweets all the time, and so what. Twitter doesn’t tell you how many you didn’t read because it doesn’t matter. If it’s important it will come back around again. If not, well no one can know everything.
Twitter found a way to put both the authoring tool and the reading tool on the home page. Had I cracked that nut in 2002, Twitter might have happened a few years earlier.

Twitter's creator, I am sure, did not intend any of this while designing the initial product. All he did was to create a useless, unimaginative tool which makes you think you are so important in the universe - every damn thing you do, every fricking thought that passes through your mind, no matter how inconsequential is worth broadcasting.

Orkut is one such tool which does exactly that- allow you to tell a story, allow you to show off stuff and feel good about yourself. Orkut already being a huge hit with Indian youth, I wonder why twitter is not so popular in India yet. Like many other things, looks like Indians are not good at being narcissistic too. Damn!

Common India, upgrade yourself to ultra sophisticated version of vanity! Use twitter/Facebook.

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