Chal ud ja panchi - payaninche O chilaka

One of my favorite ways of killing time while pretending to work is drifting aimlessly on youtube. You search for song, watch it and something on the "suggestions" section invites you to click and you drift. I was listening to Jagjit's yeh daulat bhi lelo and after wading through a few songs and few clicks I somehow landed on Rafi's Chal ud Jare panchi

As usual, Rafi rocks! It feels as if he deals with words with utmost care.. like a mother deals with her new born baby. 

The tune obviously reminds me of the same song in Telugu, by the great Ghantasaala. 

Wow! He starts off the song with a callous attitude and then there is a line in the song where he kind of pinches the heart of your hearts! ("ennaDo tirigi iTu nI rA..ka"). Anyways, thats not why I am writing this post.  Its funny how people are so predictable in thinking. 

Its your God vs my gods
Your caste vs my caste 
Mac vs PC
Android vs iOS
Ghantasala vs Rafi
Your choice vs my choice.

Dont understand? Open the above song on you tube and check the comments about who is great - Ghantasala or Rafi !  I, for one, enjoyed both the songs without having to think who is better than who. 

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